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Friday 9 March 2018
10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London
10:00 Tea & Coffee on arrival
10:30 Welcome & Introduction
10:45 "Anatomy of an Effective Information Security Awareness Program"

Why do we continue to fail when it comes to security awareness? Education is as close as we come to a silver bullet in cyber security. And yet, few information security awareness programs are effective. This interactive presentation dissects the four elements required in designing and implementing a successful information security awareness program. It also details the number and placement of key performance indicators needed to measure success.

Richard Hollis (click here for biography)
Director, Risk Factory
11:30 "Introducing TechVets"

What is TechVets? TechVets is a not-for-profit which provides a bridge for veterans and service leavers from Defence into new careers in Tech and Cyber-Security.

What does TechVets do? We are here to support veterans and service leavers from Defence who would like to build on their transferable skills and develop new ones to operate and work in technology and cyber security sectors.

TechVets works by bringing people together: serving as a catalyst to foster greater dialogue and create connections between veterans and the technology and cyber security sectors, and to highlight the strong mutual benefits.

Mark Milton (Click here for biography)
CEO & Founder, Amberlight Partners
12:15 Q&A and Discussion
12:30 Networking Lunch
13:45 "Six points where the CISO and the Board member viewpoints are prone to diverge"

Cybersecurity is not just a technical issue, it is also a people and operational issue that touches every member of every team throughout the entire organisation. Because of the risk to a company's overall health from the potential fallout from an incident, the Board must have cybersecurity front and centre in their minds.

But studies reveal that Boardrooms are still struggling to get to grips with the cyber security challenge; they know it is a risk but are still uncertain in their approach.

Communicating effectively with our Boards, to ensure they understand the implications and issues, is critical in minimising the frustration felt by them about how risks to information assets are measured and mitigated.

Unless and until more is done to improve such understanding and governance at the highest level we can expect to see more high-profile breaches and casualties.

In this presentation we will share some research data and identify and dismantle the barriers between cybersecurity leaders and their Boards of Directors so that leaders at all levels can better come together to protect and further the business.

John Madelin (click here for biography)
Area Vice President, Cognizant Technology Solutions
14:30 Roundtable & Q&A
14:55 Closing Remarks
15:00 Meeting Closes
£175 + VAT per person.
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Diary Dates 2018: May 11, Sept 21, Nov 16

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